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  We will offer  broilers, roasters, game hens, stewing hens, chicks, replacement hens, eggs as they become available. Check HERE for availability

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Currently, we only offer whole and half chickens. We plan on offering whole chickens cut into parts in the future, likely in 2009.

We are also happy to work with fine dining restaurants to offer select parts from our chickens such as livers, gizzards and necks.

We currently raise heritage breeds for meat and eggs and Rock Cornish Cross for meat.

Cornish Rock Cross: These have the plump meaty breasts that most consumers have come to expect. This breed is susceptible to many pitfalls in production including heat, cold and disease but is the most commonly utilized breed for meat.

Heritage Breeds: Includes many such as Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshires, etc. These breeds are generally hardy and well suited to northeastern US production. They have a richer flavor than the Cornish cross but are mostly dark meat with a much smaller, thinner breast.

Also known as a Cornish Game Hen. Young Cornish Rock chicken, may be male or female, 2lbs or less in weight, less than 6 weeks old.

BROILER - Also known as a fryer, may be male or female, usually about 2½ - 4½ lbs in weight and 6-8 weeks old.

ROASTER - May be male or female, usually about 5-8 lbs in weight and 10-32 weeks old. Specified for roasting because the thicker portions of the chicken are not suitable for broiling or frying

CAPON - A surgically castrated rooster. Makes a non-aggressive male that can serve as a father to baby chicks. Produces ample, tender meat. WRP does not produce this product and most humane standards exclude these.
All of the above are considered “young” chickens.

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