What does beyond Organic mean?

 Why ?
 3 "R"s
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Consumers MUST be aware that for a producer to be

"Beyond Organic",
the producer must first be ORGANIC !

A lot of people have been throwing this term around lately but still use animal feeds that contain GMOs, pesticides and herbicides as well as other prohibited substances/practices. So when some one claims to be "Beyond Organic", ask to see their organic certificate.
If they "can't" or "won't", then their claim is probably false.

To learn more about these and other terms go here.

The term Organic refers to the Organic system of production as specified by the USDA N.O.P. (National Organic Plan). It specifies the minimum standards producers must observe as Certified or Exempt Organic producers.

This is only a minimum standard. We really can all do much better with a little more effort. This is our philosophy when we use the term "Beyond Organic". Unlike just about all of the big "industrial" organic producers, our animals graze living grasses in abundant sunshine. We know that it makes our birds healthier and adds nutrients to our products. We give them more space than required because we know it reduces stress and makes for happier healthier animals. We feed scratch grains that provide "entertainment" and mental activity for the birds which further reduces stress and improves their health. We feed organic kelp that is rich in vitamins and micronutrients as supplement because it improves the health of our birds and the nutritional value of the products.

We do these things and much more and bear the extra cost because the "big picture" is so important to us. It makes for healthier birds and it produces the finest possible products.

It is the way we think all chicken should be raised and we challenge other producers to do the same.

When we chose a certifier, we chose NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC. Regarded within the farming community as a more stringent certifier, we welcome the opportunity to have our methods and operations scrutinized so that we may be the best we can possibly be.




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