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Doing the Devil’s bidding; One of Monsanto’s little helpers
By Tim Koegel www.organicpasturedpoultry.com

      Long before now, everyone in the organic community as well as most of the conventional community, have become thoroughly familiar with RoundUp Ready Alfalfa (RRA). Of course there have been countless outcries against Monsanto, and it has been Monsanto’s name in virtually every print and web article as well as radio and TV show. But if Monsanto is the devil as many would say, then there has been little if any mention of those doing the devil’s bidding here, in this case that disciple being Forage Genetics International (FGI). FGI is a wholly (or rather “unholy”) owned subsidiary of Land O’ Lakes. While Monsanto owns the patented RoundUp Ready (RR) gene, FGI is the developer of RR Alfalfa and licenses the patents to do so from Monsanto.
Many have asked, “Why the big deal now? After all this is only one more in the string of GMOs.” Perhaps one of the most significant points in this case is that genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa is the first perennial GMO. It can cross breed with wild alfalfa and provide a rogue GE gene pool, greatly increasing the probability that eventually all alfalfa will become contaminated. Alfalfa is also considered “insectary” due to the large number of insects it attracts, which will also accelerate the genetic contamination. If GMO alfalfa follows the same path as GMO soy and corn, then within 15 years we should expect to see 80-90% of the 21 million acres currently planted in alfalfa to be of a GE variety. This means a serious challenge to producing organic alfalfa, vital for organic dairy. It also means a substantially increased environmental human exposure to the herbicide RoundUp, a known endocrine disrupter.
Plant pathologist Don Huber, PhD, professor emeritus of Purdue University, says the repercussions of introducing Roundup Ready technology to another crop, like alfalfa, could be disastrous. "If indications hold true, we're set up for the greatest disaster that this country or the world has ever seen, that will dwarf any major famine or drought that has ever been recorded," says Huber.
Should consumers choose to take their own action against this assault on human health, we wanted to point out some of the Land O’ Lakes brand names & licensees so that you can contact them and tell them what you think about their grand “little” experiment on mankind. Here are a few of the most well known names:

Land O’ Lakes
-          http://www.landolakesinc.com/utility/contact/default.aspx
-          http://www.facebook.com/LandOLakes
-          (800) 328-9680

Purina Mills (Livestock feeds)
-          http://cattle.purinamills.com/ContactUs/default.aspx
-          (800) 227-8941

Dean Foods (Owner of Horizon Organics) packaging LOL products under license
-          (214) 303-3400
-          Dean Foods Consumer Response P.O. Box 961447 El Paso, TX 79996
-          media@deanfoods.com

White Wave (Owned by Dean foods) packaging LOL products under license
-          Land O’Lakes products: 800-878-9762
-          jarod.ballentine@whitewave.com
-          http://www.facebook.com/pages/WhiteWave-Foods/108451807072

 Alpine Lace (Lowfat cheese products)
-          http://www.alpinelace.com/contact/other.cfm

Of course you could also contact Forage Genetics directly at:
-          Forage Genetics International, P.O. Box 339 Nampa, ID 83653-0339
-          (800) 635-5701 info@foragegenetics.com
-          Mark McCaslin, PhD, President - mccaslin@foragegenetics.com

If consumers let these food giants know that they will NOT buy their poisons, they WILL have no choice but to eventually listen

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