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  At Windy Ridge Natural Farms we strive to produce products that are healthy for our customers and we strive to be kind and humane to our animals. We observe a philosophy that treats our animals with reverence and respect. At the heart of our beliefs is one of stewardship. We believe that we must be good stewards of the gifts that God has given us including the environment, the animals and our bodies. We believe in the Organic
system because it is the best for the consumer, the animal, the


environment, the farmer and our collective future. Our birds are not caged in small confined spaces like most high production industrial farms. They are pasture raised, safe from predators, spending their days eating insects and living grasses in the fresh air and sunshine, avoiding the “fecal dust” of high density factory farms. They are often free to roam outside of pens. Their high intake of grasses mean a high intake of detoxifying chlorophyll and Omega 3s as well. They are fed certified organic feeds free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and growth agents. Their diet is further improved with carefully selected natural feed supplements to boost already high levels of Omega-3 essential fatty acids that are so important to good human health. Altogether, this produces a product low in fat and high in nutrients. The flesh is firm, not spongy like that from many confinement farms.

The high costs of organic inputs raises the cost of production but we have no doubt it produces the highest possible quality and the most healthy product. You will taste the difference. Our humane practices are also something that you can take comfort in.
Referring to the old adage; "You are what you eat", Americans in general eat too much of relatively poor quality (highly processed) food, including “factory farm” meat. Our objective is to produce a product for the health conscious person that understands what they eat will effect their body in many ways. It’s better for everyone to eat less of better quality food. It’s an added bonus that our chicken tastes so much better than supermarket chicken.

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We observe humane standards for the benefit of our animals, our customers and ourselves.

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